Engineering Director, Macro Antenna Solutions

Job Summary

The Engineering Director holds a key role in the development of macro antenna solutions for wireless networks. The position has cross-functional responsibilities managing an engineering design centre as well as working with PLM, CTO and manufacturing. This is a hands-on position balancing management responsibilities and decision making with direct technical contributions to product design and development.


  • Accountable for the overall development of macro antennas
  • Oversees and, when required, participates in design of innovative antennas for 4G and 5G wireless networks
  • Day to day management of cross functional development team from RF and mechanical engineers to technologists and assemblers
  • Accountable for capital and operating budgets, reporting on developmental progress, and achieving key developmental milestones
  • Responsible for R&D of antennas and antenna subsystems leading to patentable ideas
  • Responsible for meeting performance specifications for antenna products (gain, cross-pol isolation, side-lobe levels, etc.) and cost targets and ensuring manufacturability


  • Masters of Science or PhD in electrical engineering and minimum of 12 years work experience
  • Significant experience in RF simulation, design and testing macro (or Base Station) antennas and antenna subsystems (phase shifters, phased array antennas, wide band radiators)
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes and familiarity with design of low PIM antennas
  • Knowledge of wireless infrastructure architectures, and air interfaces including LTE and HSPA
  • Skilled in thorough documentation and presentation of antenna design concepts and test results
  • Demonstrated ability to lead cross functional teams
  • Ability to work simultaneously on many priorities which change frequently
  • Must be creative, analytical and assertive
  • Proficient Microsoft office skills

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