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Antenna Solutions

Galtronics provides embedded and external antenna solutions for the cellular, automotive, WiMAX, WLAN, M2M, notebook, and PC card markets.Working to provide the industry with emerging breakthrough technologies, Galtronics has developed a wide array of unique innovations for cutting-edge, embedded antenna solutions such as Patch, Mircostip, FMA, IFA, and PIFA antennas; as well as dipole, whip, and helical external antennas with a variety of frequencies and connector types.Galtronics offers a variety of single-band, dual-band and multi-band coupled or decoupled antennas to meet your needs including:

  • Internal/embedded antennas
  • Combination internal/external antennas
  • Telescopic antennas
  • Panel antennas
  • Stubby antennas
  • Retractable antennas
  • Flexible “rubber duck” portable antennas
  • Fixed-length antennas


Recently, Galtronics released a next-generation WiMAX base-station antenna that provides unsurpassed performance, reliability and ease of deployment. This high performance antenna offers excellent coverage for the 2.3-2.7 GHz frequency band and combines optimal coverage and excellent pattern performance.

Galtronics reputation for quality, integrity and reliability has been built on the foundation of true technological innovation and this is why we have dedicated Research Center in Israel. We are constantly analyzing the future of the market and addressing new trends and challenges to assure our customers remain one step ahead of the pack.

With multiple Design Centers around the world, Galtronics has the ability to carry out the latest in testing and measurement, engineering software and RF simulation, reliability testing, and rapid prototyping.

Galtronics owns manufacturing facilities in China and Israel that serves as a high volume, assembly intensive operations with full service prototyping, tool fabrication, plastics injection molding, automated and semi-automated assembly, SMT, stamping and IML/IMD capabilities.